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No-Chip Pedicure

If you are looking for a nail treatment that strengths and promotes the growth of your nails, look no further than the no-chip pedicure courtesy of Ailey & T Organic Nail Spa. Our pedis and spa services will leave you feeling satisfied, and your nails will look incredible! Call us at (773) 857-0874 to book a seat at our nail spa.

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Are You Tired of Pedicures Only Lasting Two Weeks?

If you're like the rest of our clients, you love getting a good pedicure, but you just wish those nail treatments lasted a little longer than a two to three-week cycle.

For longer lasting pedicures that have fewer drawbacks like skin damage from UV light, people take the no-chip gel pedicure approach. This innovative approach isn't just favored by clients and estheticians, either. The American Academy of Dermatology agrees that non-chip gel pedis can drastically improve the health and appearance of your nails!

And where do people go to ensure their pedicure lives up to its reputation? They go to Ailey & T Organic Nail Spa.

Come See Us for a Non-Chip Pedicure!

Here, you will find yourself surrounded by a warm atmosphere and nothing but the most caring staff. Our nail technicians have a minimum two years of professional experience, ensuring the best service possible. As you'll quickly notice, we stay on top of the latest treatments and advances in nail care.

Our Pedicures Have Shorter Drying Time!

The dry time for a traditional pedicure can sometimes feel like an eternity. With all the coats of polish that need be applied, it can take up to three hours for your nails to be completely dry. Our three coats of non-chip gel can be cured and dry in as little time as three minutes!

Save Time and Money: A No-Chip Pedi Always Lasts Longer

Even after several weeks of wear, your nails will still have the wet, glossy sheen. They'll look fresh for weeks to come!

Natural Looking Nails and Nothing Less at Our Nail Salon

Our pedicures don't look over-the-top. In fact, they are suited for every occasion, from a formal event to a Friday outing with coworkers.

Low-Maintenance and Low-Cost No-Chip Pedicures

You'd think that non-chip nails would require a lot of upkeep and daily maintenance, but that's not the case. Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails do not need to be 'filled'. One treatment ensures weeks and weeks of healthy-looking nails!

We'll Even Show You How to Remove Your Pedicure Polish at Home!

This strong and long-lasting nail polish is surprisingly easy to remove, believe it or not. All it takes is a simple 5-minute soak. After that, the polish can be removed with ease!

The Perfect Nail Spa for People on a Tight Schedule

Are the mornings, evenings, or weekends the only times when you can get a pedicure? That's fine in our books! We'll make sure you get your pedicure no matter what.

Book Your No-Chip Pedicure Today!

Don't wait another day to get the nails you've always wanted. Call us at (773) 857-0874 to book your first appointment. We're confident it won't be your last.